Photographic Training

 Photography is becoming more and more important with the advance of social media. For example, on Facebook, an image gains 2.3 times more engagement that a text post. And like most businesses, you could really do with the extra engagement. Also, the better the photo the more likely you are to engage with your audience. And then we have whole platforms given over to images such as Instagram.

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words. A professional photographer can make sure that they are the right words.

But I understand that hiring a professional photographer every time that you launch a special offer, a new range of stock or hold an event will become pretty expensive.

And that is where I come in - I offer photographic training for all businesses and organisations. I have done this for sole traders right through to large organisations such as the National Trust. My photographic training will give all attendees the chance to learn the basics needed to take excellent photographs. We will cover everything from camera basics (such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO) right through to using advanced compositional techniques to ensure that you and your team are getting the very best out of the cameras that you use. I use an easy to understand, tailor-made Powerpoint presentation to teach the fundamentals of photography before we spend a few hours executing real world examples.

The benefits are massive. If you look at any big company’s social media account you will see pages and pages of carefully curated images. Each image looks professionally taken and each image tells a story or sells a product. My course will instruct you on how to do this.


  • Do we need to buy expensive equipment? No, any camera that you own can be used for the course (including a mobile phone). However I would advise using a camera that has a manual mode (i.e. allows you to change shutter speed and aperture). A tripod however is important. I am more than happy to help you choose a suitable one within your budget.

  • I have no knowledge of photography at all. Will this course be suitable for me? Definitely! I teach in a way that we work from the bottom providing the foundations and knowledge that you need to take better photographs

  • Will I be able to do all my own photography? That depends. I would still advise you to use a professional photographer where possible, especially if the work involves going to print or the use of studio lighting. This course is perfect for those of you who want to keep your social media followers engaged and grow your audience.

  • Do you have equipment we can borrow? Yes. For the course I run I will bring a minimum of two cameras and a selection of lenses with me as well as a tripod. These are insured for use as well at no additional cost.

  • How many days is the course? I can teach you the basics and run a small hands on course in just one day. I do recommend a second day for more practice, especially if this is a large and ongoing project that you are looking to document.

  • How many people can attend the course? This is up to you (within reason!) I have taught a single person, right through to a group of 14. Any more than this and I would struggle to offer the 1 to 1 support that I feel is needed. A group of 4 or 5 would be ideal.

  • Do you offer video lessons? Yes I can do this but there will be a minimum of a two day booking due to the extra editing workflow that is needed on every video production. However, I would recommend using a professional videographer/filmmaker for your video needs.

  • Do you teach image editing? As part of the 1 day cou rse as above, no. However, I am more than happy to provide image editing training as an add on or as part of a second day.

  • How much does it cost? I work on a day rate of between £350-£450 depending on location and length of day required (minimum of 7 hours)

  • Do you teach Social Media? No. I am a photographer and whilst I have learned some invaluable knowledge surrounding social media I am by no means an expert. I am an expert however in teaching you to take great photos that will grace any website or social media page.