Photographic Training 

Thank you for visiting my photographic training page. This page is for those who are wishing to pursue a career in photography. For business owners wanting to learn to take better photos for their business please click here.

I have been a professional photographer for a number of years and have worked on many different jobs - from portraits and weddings to photography training for the National Trust. My work has appeared everywhere from local businesses’ marketing material to the BBC and other national media. I am proud of the work that I am able to produce and put that down to a never ending interest in the visual arts.

From 2020, I have decided to intensify the amount of training that I am offering. Previously, I have worked on an ad-hoc basis but I am now focussing on more specific, tailored programmes to help people like you make a career in photography. The services that I am now offering include: wedding photography workshops, wedding photography mentoring, and portrait photography workshops.

Wedding Mentoring

When I started wedding photography a number of years ago there was almost no support out there. I contacted other photographers (not in my area) to see if I could come and shoot for free on weddings with them. 90% didn’t reply. The 10% that did reply were negative or concerned about future competition even though we were not in the same catchment area. I vowed at the time to never be like this and to support new photographers when I had the experience and knowledge myself. In the last 2 years, I have been approached by a few photographers and am pleased to say that they have accompanied me on suitable weddings to get their first taste of wedding photography. I am now looking to formalise the process and go further with it. That is why I am now offering wedding mentoring.

This is offered in a few different options

Option 1
Ad hoc - Hire me as a second shooter to attend your weddings with you and give you practical support on the day as well as second shooter duties - £300

Option 2 (Limited numbers available)
28 Day Plan - I will support you for up to 28 days including up to 2 weddings, 2 1 to 1 training sessions and email support including editing - £600

Option 3 (Limited numbers available)
1 Year Plan - I will support you for up to 1 year, including 1 wedding a month, 2 1 to 1 training sessions per month and email support including editing - £5000

If any of these sound like something you are interested in, please contact me to arrange a no obligation phone or face to face meeting.

1 Day Wedding Workshops - £250 (introductory price, usually £300) See below for available dates and venues

Wedding Day (HD)-265 Small.jpg

Build your portfolio and your confidence by attending one of my small group workshops at specialist wedding venues in Scotland with a minimum of 2 professional models (bride and groom). These workshops will be photography based and include the following:

  • How I run my wedding photography day

  • Several hours of shooting with the models

  • Using flash photography for the first dance as well as outside

  • The classic “umbrella” shot

  • Maximum of 10 delegates

  • 10% off Mentoring (Option 2 and 3 only for all delegates)

These workshops will not be about SEO, marketing, social media etc. They are purely there for photography purposes. I am a firm believer in the idiom that it is the photographer that is important and not the equipment and I will teach you how to get the very best out of the equipment that you own as well as putting to bed a few myths along the way. I am a realist, not a perfectionist and whilst I try my very hardest to get magazine quality images at every wedding I do it is not always possible. We are constrained by budget, timings and our clients - these workshops will teach you how to get around all of this to achieve great imagery.

Portrait Photography

Learn how to photograph beautiful, contemporary portraiture - not a white backdrop in sight!

My portrait style is a nod to those great masters of the Renaissance era. The portraits I take are, hopefully, unfussy yet classical. Carefully lit and posed, I try to produce elegant imagery for my clients that will be displayed on their walls.

Join me on my portrait workshop where you will learn how to light, capture and edit portraits such as these.

My workshops are limited to 4 people to allow maximum shooting time with the model. We will work all day with the first half of the day shooting and the second half editing.

Please see below for available dates and locations.