William Wordsworth, Samuel Colredige, Beatrix Potter, John Ruskin. Some of the biggest names in English Literary History. And all were massively inspired by The Lake District. And it is easy to see why.

I spend a lot of my life working in the Lake District as a Landscape Photographer and it is no surprise to me that these great writers were so inspired by the place. There are very few places in the country that feel quite as magical, remote, mysterious, foreboding, awe-inspiring, intimidating or uplifting as this corner of Cumbria. Whilst very small in comparison to the Highlands, the Lake District is still perfect for landscape photography. The relatively small size of the area means that we are able to pack a lot in in a short time.

My landscape photography workshops in the Lake District are proof of this. We can pack in up to 6 (or more!) locations in a single day - something that isn’t always possible in Scotland. This makes my landscape photography workshops in the Lake District the ideal workshop if you want to guarantee you are going to get a lot of great images and also learn a lot. The variation in the Lake District is also perfect for landscape photography. From high waterfalls such as Aira Force to wee Tarns (Lakes) such as Blea Tarn backed by towering mountains, the Lake District is a photographer’s paradise.

Also a great location for landscape photography holidays which I try to run at least once a year so keep an eye out over on my Lake District photography holiday and tours page.