Scottish landscape photography is a passion of mine. Being a Scottish Landscape Photographer is a real privilege. My job allows me to travel Scotland taking landscape photographs and really highlighting this amazing country.

On a day to day basis, my job entails teaching. Whether this be 1-2-1 workshops, small group workshops, landscape photography holidays or corporate photography training (click here to find out more). I love teaching - whether it is the technical side of Landscape Photography or the compositional side or even the editing element. These are the three pillars of landscape photography and I truly believe none are more important than the others. A correctly exposed image with a great edit will still look rubbish if the composition is off. A great composition and good edit won’t work if the exposure was wrong and we have lost a load of detail in the highlights for instance. Similarly, a good exposure and composition can be let down by a poor edit. These three pillars have to work in tangent with each other to make a great landscape photography image.

Born in England, I moved to Scotland about 4 years to pursue my landscape photography career further. Prior to this, I was a full time wedding photographer. This was a great job but I didn’t have the passion for it that I do for Landscape Photography. However, it gave me a foot in the door in the photographic world which I am grateful for.

The favourite part of my job is teaching. I love taking delegates on landscape photography workshops and really getting them to make the most of their cameras. I run Landscape photography workshops in Scotland several times a month. I run the following 2 courses on a monthly basis. Loch Lomond Landscape Photography Course (click here) and one around Glen Coe (click here). Both are great landscape photography workshops for those people wanting to learn all about landscape photography and also want to take great images. The Glen Coe Photography Workshop is also great to act as a tour for those who are more competent and are gust looking for a general guide to the area so they can go away with some great shots. Looking for something more bespoke? I offer 1-2-1 landscape photography workshops in Scotland - please click here to get in touch to find out more.